The Vineyards The Rebirth of the Winemaking Industry of Gush Etzion

The Rebirth of the Winemaking Industry of Gush Etzion

The quality of wine depends first and foremost upon the quality of the grapes; superb wine cannot be created from mediocre grapes.

The class of the grapes in a vineyard is influenced by growing method, grape-grower’s crop load management technique, regulated irrigation, meticulous maintenance of the vine’s health, and timing of the harvest among other factors.

However, the vineyard’s geographical location is the most significant factor which will determine the quality of the grapes, throughout the life of the vineyard. The mountainous region of Gush Etzion is located south of Jerusalem, in one of the highest areas in Israel. This district has been renown for grape growing and wine making for thousands of years, and received a special blessing of wine which Jacob bestowed a upon his son Judah.Extreme temperature differences between night and day, chalky earth, well drained slopes, 900-meter altitude above sea level, all combine to create an ideal terroir for wine making.


In the 1990s Tamar and Shraga Rozenberg of Efrat, initiated the renewal of the wine industry in the region. Together with local kibbutzim and in collaboration with the Tishbi Winery, they planted vineyards throughout Gush Etzion. From 1996 until today, they have planted 800 dunams of vineyards of the some of the most sought-after varietals in the world. 


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